About Gael

Influenced by astrology at an early age, Gael was taught to take her questions to the universe. Gael’s maternal grandfather was a Baptist minister who used astrological progressions to counsel his church members. He believed that guidance could be found in our connection to the universe.

Observing astrological patterns throughout her life, Gael has found sustenance through difficult times. Her rich history of connectedness to the universe through astrological understanding has prepared her to pursue a path of trust and openness to the universe. Both her classes and consultations are expressions of her dedication to astrology.

Gael earned a Master of Art in 1992 from Loyola University of Chicago, with a focus in social-psychology and research design and analysis. She worked and studied with the late Barbara Schermer, best known for her work in experiential astrology and her book Astrology Alive! Gael offers heartfelt gratitude to Barbara for teaching her how to bring a chart to life. Gael can help you bring your chart to life.

Gael offers an inspired and trusting approach to the challenges experienced in our daily lives and can help you navigate the cycles ~ bringing calm and empowerment to your choices. She lives holistically in a lush green valley in the pacific northwest, where she is inspired to embrace the universe. Both pragmatic and idealistic, Gael loves and lives her natal chart.