Gael served as my very first introduction to astrology. She presents information clearly and precisely. She has the ability to invoke wonder and curiosity that only further self-exploration can quench. She presented a world to me that took me out of a whirling chaos and brought me to a grounded understanding of why things are the way they are. I am forever grateful to her for opening the door to this great beyond. If you have an opportunity to explore this topic with her, take it!  (A.G. ~ Bend, Oregon)

 Our lives are a fluid, mutable series of events. Learning about ourselves can help transform these challenges into meaningful, personal experiences that impact us and our relationships. Gael can help you navigate, explore, and understand your place in the universe. (T.S. ~ Indiana) 

If I had only found you a few years ago, I would have saved thousands in therapy.  Thank you.  Thank you – from the bottom of my heart.  (J.B. ~ Eugene, Oregon)

Gael is insightful and her interpretation of my chart was spot on. She helped me recognize and appropriately work with some recurring themes in my life. (J.W. ~ Chicago, Illinois)

I was able to make some difficult life changes with Gael’s guidance. Her gentle and understanding nature made it easy for me to express my questions and my needs. (G.A. ~ Springfield, Oregon)

 I have known Gael for 25 years.  In all that time she has proven herself to be stunningly knowledgeable about astrology, including always remembering the salient points of my chart.  In her readings, as in her life, she is a compassionate and kind person; she skillfully combines being both a pragmatist and an idealist in her chart interpretations.  And her comments are always clear and understandable to even an often-confused layperson like myself. (C.B. ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico)