Extraordinary Example of Universe Support

My dear friend and client, Tana, has been working with her natal chart for a few years now. She feels like she is able to identify the lessons and experiences the universe brings to her because of her understanding of the energies and needs of the planets.  (BTW - permission given to identify her and this experience). 

 She is having major dental work completed this year and was scheduled to have 3-4 teeth removed this week. She has severe dental anxiety (as do many of us) but was feeling it a bit more than usual and questioned the gut feeling she was experiencing. She knows she has something to learn from all of this and is a committed and compliant student. The morning of the appointment she commented she hadn’t checked her transits. (Let me that this time to suggest that we plan to check our transits before we schedule serious events, such as travel or surgery). I encouraged her to do so. She had several transits hitting exact on this particular day, but the one that stood out was Transiting Saturn square Natal Mars (Her natal Mars resides in the 10th house, the natural house of Capricorn/Saturn energy, so it clearly emphasizes the impact of this transit).

 This transit suggested delays and other possible frustrations. It also was encouraging to note possible success for rising to any challenge. The kicker was the reference to being more vulnerable to the flu, fever and accidental injury, especially to the head, bones or teeth.  Yikes. It encouraged avoiding overwork, stress or strain. She was in the thick of it, but calmly said she was going to see it through and meet the challenge. I was very proud of her and admired her conviction to tapping into her Mars energy to move forward.

 Let me help you better understand the interpretation of this transit. A transit occurs when an orbiting planet moves into relationship with a planet in your natal chart, which is sedentary and fixed in place.  Tana’s natal Mars is at 24° Taurus and is in the 10th house in her natal chart. Saturn is currently in Aquarius, which by relationship squares Taurus, and once it hit the same degree of her Mars (24) it created a square relationship between these two planets. The aspect of a Square is challenging and places a movable constraint between the planets. It’s like being trapped in a corner - the transited planet (in this case Mars) is being challenged and must choose how to respond.  Mars represents our energy and despite what sign your Mars is in, it holds the energy of Aries and is known to be confrontational and courageous. This is why it suggested Tana may be more prone to illness or accident - Mars was weakened when challenged by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and authority and makes sure we do what we are supposed to. It rules the skeletal structure of our bones, as well as our teeth. Hence, the reference to injury to the teeth.

 Tana made the decision to go ahead with the challenge, hoping for success and praying to her Angels that everything would work out. She prayed that she would have the courage (Mars). She prayed that the doctor would be feeling great and be in a good mood. She prayed for whatever help she could get. She was hopeful and diligent. She took responsibility (Saturn) for what she could ~ she didn’t push back ~ she left the outcome open, trusting in her intuition and in the Universe. She did her best to embrace the experience.

 What would you have done? At 11:45 that morning, the dentist’s office called and said unfortunately the doctor was feeling less than par and would have to cancel her appointment.  (I do so love to dance with the Universe). The guidance and understanding Astrology can provide is simply amazing. When life presents us with a big decision, a difficult choice, or a lesson to learn, understanding the dynamics that are present to guide and support us is very useful. There is a comfort in knowing the Universe supports you. Let me help connect you.