Mercury Retrograde Coming - April 2023

Heads up, pencils down. Mercury Retrograde (MR) is fast approaching. It will occur from April 21 until May 14 and will take place in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign and is associated with the 2nd house in the natal wheel. This area of life is all about self-esteem, self-love, and our personal finances and possessions. What do we value? Where do we place our value?

Presently, we are in the pre-retrograde shadow phase, which began April 7. The post-retrograde shadow ends on May 31. Remember that during the post-retrograde shadow period we get the chance to clean up any aftermath from the entire retrograde timeframe. It’s an opportunity for resolution so it’s best to plan well. You can use this current pre-retrograde shadow period to accomplish this.

Mercury Retrograde Initial Shadow Period:

 April 7 - April 20

 Mercury Retrograde Period:

 April 21 - May 14

Mercury Retrograde Ending Shadow Period:

 May 15 - May 31

The first day of this MR is the day after the sun enters Taurus and we have an actual solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is in the last degrees of Aries and then bam the Sun moves into Taurus and Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde. That’s a lot going on in a small window of time. With this shift in energy, a great opportunity arises to actually move forward with something, to pursue our passions. Aries energy is conducive to inspiration and forward movement. This eclipse brings with it a decisive energy, and one that we don’t want to waste.

I know many of you freak out when Mercury goes retrograde, but it is an amazing time to work towards accomplishing something. Yes, energy is scattered during a MR, but if we put our heads down and focus on completing something, the momentum can see it through. I’m excited that the solar eclipse will infuse us with inspiration immediately followed by the MR which will provide the opportunity for focused effort. By tying up loose ends we can create a clearer vision for the future.

I personally have many projects I want to complete, but the key is choosing the right one. Use this pre-shadow period to make that choice. Hints may manifest about a specific undertaking that beckons your attention during this shadow period. What is going to give you the most satisfaction? What is the one thing that will bring you enormous relief to get it done and over?  

Even if you can’t imagine completing something in the 3-week MR period, the concentrated effort you put forward while Mercury is retrograde will eventually get you there.

Retrogrades in general are a period of time that requires us to simply slow down, review and reassess. Plan ahead and be mindful. Again, this MR in Taurus is about our personal finances, so make sure you have a handle on those and perhaps it’s time to evaluate them and make some adjustments. This is true for everyone. This MR will also affect the area of life where Taurus energy resides in your chart. What house will be affected by this MR? It may travel from one house to another, which really offers amazing information. Awareness and understanding of your natal chart can alert you on what to expect during a MR period and maybe even help you decide what to focus on.

Now I want you to pick up those pencils, put your head down and make a plan for how you will use this opportunity. It’s an auspicious chunk of time that might otherwise slip away from us. Seize the Moment.