The Winds of Change are Blowing

The winds of change are blowing. Several conversations I’ve recently shared in have touched upon the weather (most usually do) - specifically the strong winds. I live in the PNW, but many friends and family live scattered across the states and all have noted and mentioned the unbelievable winds. The weather is always a common topic and most conversations. I have noted this common these and have a feeling that it may in fact be due to the upcoming astrological changes - suggesting indeed that the winds of change are blowing. This is mundane but yet exciting because it suggests we are all in the same consciousness. Becoming aware of a simple commonality and sharing it through conversations.

After approximately 2.5 years in the sign of Aquarius, Saturn will be moving into Pisces - March 7th to be exact; the same day the moon will be full in Virgo. This is a beautiful axis - Virgo (self- care and service to others) and Pisces (the two fish swimming in opposite directions, maintaining their individual identity yet accepting of yours).  Saturn in Pisces may be a very interesting time as this combo does not inherently share similar characteristics. Saturn is restrictive and its function it to build structured boundaries. The sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, is all about expansiveness and dissolving boundaries. Yet, this is the natural course of flow. Each planet as it travels around the Sun moves (however fast or slowly) through the signs of Aries to Pisces. Pisces is the final hurrah before the cycle starts again. This suggests its time in Pisces is pertinent to the evolution of the planets - including this one, Planet Earth.

I recently submitted two essays for a compilation anthology on the expectations of Saturn in Pisces. It will be published this month on Kindle Direct. I’ll share the details as soon as it is released for those of you who are curious and want to learn more about what to expect. 

The second BIG change occurring this month and one that is most likely responsible for the winds is Pluto moving into Aquarius after 15 years in Capricorn. Pluto is the big transformer and seeks to pull that which is hidden to the surface so it can be seen and justly transformed. It shines the spotlight on the shadow side so to say. During its time in Capricorn, it revealed many secrets and behaviors of those things associated with Capricorn: traditions, rules, laws, structures, and all things governed by authority. Hey, I’m a fan of tradition, but not those that create divisive division. We need a healthy collective conscious that is inclusive and kind. One for All and All for One. Any Musketeers out there?

Who knows what Saturn in Aquarius will open up? I guarantee it will be something of the humanitarian realm. We may think we have seen it all…but trust me we still have much work to do. Pluto’s contract is to make us better - to evolve us, transform us into our highest potential as humans. Whatever needs to surface will. You may be shocked, angry, or even confused about how you really feel about something. The important note is to make every effort to open your eyes and your heart to the inclusion of all. We are all connected, and we can’t hope to heal ourselves without each other. I’m rather excited - there is not much that surprises me, but for those of you who think the world will, can or should continue as it has, be prepared for a unique and shackle free ride.

I picked a song for this blog. It’s from the movie “Holes,” which is based on the book by Louis Sachar. It’s about consequences, fate and destiny, and friendship. People working and coming together in a myriad of unexpected paths. It shows connection through lifetimes. The song is "Don't Give Up" by Eagle Eye Cherry.